2018 in 12 Photos

2018 was a year full of travel, adventures, and some nice time back home. I made sure to keep things interesting by having a wide diversity of themes to each trip, probably more so than I’ve done in recent years. From cooking classes in Dubai, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur to backpacking trips in Kyrgyzstan and the Grand Canyon, and cycling through Western Australia, it was a great year.

January – Trying strange street-food in Hong Kong
February – I visit my mom and Aunt Bev on the Columbia River in BC. Here’s Bev’s new house, coming along well.
March – Cycling all the way from Perth to Kalgoorlie to see the Super Pit – one of the largest open pit gold mines on earth
April – Cycling through Valley of the Giants in Western Australia
May – Walking Scotland’s West Highland Way
June – I join a great group of people to walk coast-to-coast cross Sweden
July – Backpacking the spectacular Northover Ridge in unusually warm weather
August – Traversing the remote volcanic landscape of Edziza in northern BC
September – Enjoying the clean mountain air of Kyrgyzstan’s Pamir Mountains
October – Discovering old Communist monuments in Tajikistan
November – Hiking and backpacking in the Grand Canyon
December – Sometimes it’s nice just to be home, enjoying the company of loved ones

2019 is shaping up to be another great year of travel with even bigger, grander adventures in the works. Can’t wait!

What will you remember most from 2018?

Off the beaten track in the Grand Canyon

Off the beaten track in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is the second most visited national park in the US. Five million people come here every year to catch a glimpse of the iconic mile-deep tear in the earth. You’d think, then, that this would be a pretty busy place for someone who likes to explore remote corners of the earth. Yes, it is crowded, but drop down into the canyon, turn off the main trails and you’ll be all on your own. That’s all it takes – from millions of people to none in just a few short miles.

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6 of the Greatest Travel Adventures To Try

My favorite part of travel is discovering new places and having an adventure. Some people like relaxing on the beach or taking a cruise but I’d rather be hiking over a snowy mountain pass, visiting an incense-filled monastery, or cycling through charming little Italian villages. Here are six great travel adventures on my bucket-list.
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