Hi, I’m Justin, and welcome to my travel blog.

Summit of Castle Mountain, Banff National Park
Summit of Castle Mountain, Banff National Park

In one of my very first memories I’m four or five years old and I’ve discovered a worn footpath alongside a busy road near our house. In the distance I can see mountains, beautiful snow-covered towering mountains. I get on my bicycle and pedal.

Little did I know, those mountains that captivated me were a hundred miles away. Needless to say, I never made it. But, strangely, I have no memory of ever turning back.

The thirst for adventure infected me young. Each summer we took a family trip to visit relatives on the other side of the Canadian Rockies in BC. A highlight of that annual escape was stopping somewhere in the national parks to hike or climb up to a waterfall or simply have a picnic in a secluded forest. When we got to BC my cousin and I would often jump on our bikes and pedal like mad to scramble up some local peak. But I dreamed of more distant, exotic adventures.

Here you’ll find a site dedicated to adventure travel and discovering authentic experiences in off-the-beaten-track locations. My first trip outside North America wasn’t Europe or Australia or any of the other places a first-time overseas traveller might choose. I went to Antarctica – the coldest, highest, and driest continent on earth. Now I travel as much as I can… to anywhere I can go. I’ve felt the calling to see such unique places as Bhutan, Bangladesh, Kilimanjaro, and North Korea, but I always come back to Canada for its peacefulness and solitude and to visit my mom.

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  1. Sri Lanka looks absolutely intriguing! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your posts . . . . and I have no doubt that you will visit 40 countries before you are 40 🙂

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