Chengdu’s Peekaboo Cat Cafe

Chengdu’s Peekaboo Cat Cafe

When I travel one of the things I miss is cats. Cute, cuddly, fluffy, affectionate cats. They’re one of my favourite creatures. That’s why I love visiting cat cafes. Luckily, I found just the thing in Chengdu.

How To Find It

If you read Chinese, maybe it’s easy to find but not so much otherwise. There’s no Google in China, after all. So, if you happen to visit Chengdu and want your kitty fix, here’s how to find the Peekaboo Cat Cafe.

Caotang Road North station, exit B

Take metro Line 4 to Caotang Road North station, exit B. Just a few shops immediately south of the exit, on the right hand side, you’ll find the inviting collection of kitties. It’s open 10am to 11pm.

Come early and there’s lots of room. Later in the day all the seats might be taken. Mostly by cats.

The Cats

I arrive around noon (on a weekday) and there’s only one other person in the cafe, so we’re out-numbered 10 to 1 by the cats. Purrrfect!

Greetings. Welcome to my cafe.

All the cats are wonderfully friendly and you can tell they’re used to people. No biting cats here. They seem to get along with each other really well too. There’s some play fighting but mostly just snuggling and keeping each other warm.

Spot the naked cat sandwiched in the middle?
So tired
I have a very long arm
This is my spot now

The Cafe
There’s no fee to enter, just buy something to eat or drink. A pot of tea is about $10 with unlimited refills. The coffee looks pretty good too. If you order the fruit salad, be warned it comes covered in something gross like mayonnaise. It is China, after all.

I’ll take that mayo, thank you
More tea, please
I’m so big I don’t fit onto any of the cat furniture

There’s an upstairs and a downstairs, so lots of room for both the cats and their admirers. It’s a pretty relaxing environment with peaceful music.

Upstairs is completely empty when I arrive, except for about a dozen cats sleeping in various hiding spots

Throughout the afternoon more people start to drift in, mostly young couples and single girls. Two men show up and chain smoke, seemingly oblivious that they are surrounded by cats. It is China, after all.

Wait, what are you doing here?
As well as snacks and tea, you can also buy a tin of cat food. This will make you very very popular.
Excuse me, we’re trying to nap here!
Asian cats use squat toilets

Melbourne’s Cat Cafe

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