Singapore is an exciting city where you’ll never tire of fun things to do. It even has three cat cafes! I visited one on my first trip to Singapore a few years ago, so I’m excited to check out another.

Meomi Cat Cafe is a cozy space with seven adorable felines.

Meomi Cat Cafe

My favourite, of course, is the biggest cat, a pretty Maine Coon named Coo. She laid next to me as I gently pet her and scratched her chin.

Maine Coon

I think one of the other cats got jealous, though. This fellow decided to intervene in our cuddling and I guess he figured the best way to do that was to shove his butt into Coo’s face.

My butt in your face

Seems like it worked… Or is she just holding his tail down?


The owner was very friendly, telling us stories of how each cat had arrived at the cafe and how they each have their quirks. This one he’s holding is Oreo, who has just had a bath and isn’t too happy about that.

Very tolerant cat

Baths aside, all the cats seemed quite content.

Box Cat
Cube Cat
Chair Cat

Meomi is a nice place to spend an hour or two, catching up on your kitty snuggles.

I bite this

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