What do you do when you have a 23-hour layover in Dubai? Maybe grab a bite to eat?

Dubai is often called “Las Vegas of the Middle East”, only bigger and better. That’s pretty accurate, I’d say. It’s big and flashy with opulent “7-star” hotels, massive water fountain displays, and exorbitant man-made islands. It’s also much less seedy than America’s Sin City.

Cheap seats, believe it or not
Crowds gather for the water fountain show (just like Vegas only much grander)

Despite its reputation for ostentatious displays of wealth, Dubai has a rich and flourishing street food culture too. In a city where most of the work is done by foreigners, it’s no surprise that you can find fantastic falafel, surprisingly good pizza, and spicy curry all right next to each other. With so many nationalities (like Pakistanis, Moroccans, Filipinos, even a handful of Peruvians) mixing together in such a small space, Dubai is a fantastic place for a travelling foodie.

Sweet and cheesy
Every kind of nut and spice you can imagine
A real estate agent explains Islam
Salted fish salad – a very traditional dish
Chef Rabeh shows how to prepare traditional Emirati cuisine during a cooking class
Dhows – traditional cargo boats still used to trade with the Gulf, India, and Africa

A short and sweet visit but certainly a delicious one.

3 thoughts on “23 Hours in Dubai

  1. 9 Nov. 2019
    Hullo Justin. I was very surprised to hear from you flying off to Dubai with a layover of 23 hours!
    I thought you might be staying in around over Christmas here in Canada and suddenly I hear you
    are in Dubai, on your way to London by any chance or Europe? Well, enjoy yourself. I had
    stopped over in Dubai only once years ago on my way to Holland with a layover of only an hour
    or so. and then only wandering around at the airport. I was also impressed with the luxury items
    on sale. See you when you get back to Calgary again.

    All the best from Michael T.

    1. Hi Michael,

      All very good guesses. You are right, Dubai is a large hub for visiting many destinations in Europe and Air Emirates flies to all that you mentioned. I’m on my way to somewhere a little warmer – Sri Lanka! It is a beautiful country with long beaches along the coast and tea plantations in the mountains.

      After some time here and in other parts of Asia I will return to Canada for Christmas. It’s always nice to be at home for the holidays.


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