Great Divide Trail – A Walk Through the Canadian Rockies - I remember being four years old and gazing out toward the mountains, imagining what it would be like to visit such an incredible place. Hiking became a big part of my life years later and I’ve had the opportunity to explore many parts of the Canadian Rockies. I even walked most of the popular sections … Continue reading Great Divide Trail – A Walk Through the Canadian Rockies
GDT – Grand Finale - Blueberry Lake to Kakwa Lake – 130km July 27 – Back to Blueberry Lake After a brief break in McBride and Valemount I hitched a ride back to Blueberry Lake. It started raining not long after I arrived but I found the best little tree grove to hide my tent from the cold wet wind.
GDT – Crossing Glacial Rivers - Miette River to Blueberry Lake – 135km July 19 – A Wet Walk in the Woods I awoke to a wet world in Jasper. The trail starts off quite gently as it follows the Miette River up toward its headwaters. I knew I was in for a soggy few days when even the initial bit … Continue reading GDT – Crossing Glacial Rivers
GDT – Jasper Skyline Trail - Maligne Lake to Miette River – 87km July 11 – Jasper Skyline Trail I have great memories of hiking the Jasper Skyline Trail with good friends a few years ago. We did it the hard way, starting at the low end of the trail and then dipping down into the Watchtower Basin for a night. … Continue reading GDT – Jasper Skyline Trail
GDT – Christmas in July - Saskatchewan Crossing to Maligne Lake – 135km June 2 – Washout I left Saskatchewan Crossing on a crisp morning. It felt like September, not the beginning of July. The walk along the highway was actually quite enjoyable. There was no traffic at all.
GDT – Through the Car Wash - Field BC to Saskatchewan Crossing – 100km I’ve had two wonderful days in Golden with Dan and Tara. We stayed up late talking about hiking, geeking out on backpacking gear, and just having a good time. It’s great to connect with like-minded people, especially such nice, generous ones. Tara and Dan are doing a great … Continue reading GDT – Through the Car Wash
GDT – Rockwall Trail - Rockwall Trail to Field BC – 75km June 21 – First Day of Summer Andrew and Nicky dropped me back at the trail at noon, which was actually really good timing as the rain had just stopped. Fresh snow dusted all the peaks to the north. It’s a big climb from the highway up through … Continue reading GDT – Rockwall Trail
GDT – Pass the Snow, Please - Kananaskis Lakes to Highway 93 – 126km June 11 – Camping in the Snow A few days after the big snowstorm, I returned to Kananaskis Lakes for what is perhaps the most popular and busiest part of the entire Great Divide Trail. Sil and two good friends joined me for the first half of the … Continue reading GDT – Pass the Snow, Please
GDT – Snowstorm - Cache Creek to Kananaskis Lakes – 117km June 4 – Crossing the River After a few days off waiting for the deep snow to melt a bit, I headed back to the trail. I’d crossed the Old Man River to get to the road and now I needed to cross back. Only that melting snow … Continue reading GDT – Snowstorm
GDT – Deep Deep Snow - Coleman to Cache Creek – 89km May 27 – Just Stretching the Legs I said goodbye to Coleman and set out on a long road walk.