23 Hours in Dubai - What do you do when you have a 23-hour layover in Dubai? Maybe grab a bite to eat? Dubai is often called “Las Vegas of the Middle East”, only bigger and better. That’s pretty accurate, I’d say. It’s big and flashy with opulent “7-star” hotels, massive water fountain displays, and exorbitant man-made islands. It’s also … Continue reading 23 Hours in Dubai
North Korea: Communist No More - The great social experiment of the latter 20th century that was Communism is finally coming to an end. I’ve just visited the last bastion of Communism – North Korea – for my second time and the changes are dramatic. Seven years ago there were no traffic lights because there was no traffic. There was no … Continue reading North Korea: Communist No More
Flying to North Korea - When most people think of North Korea they imagine a dictatorship closed to all outsiders. Surprisingly, it’s actually quite easy to visit. The hardest part is applying for a Chinese visa, as you have to go through China (or Russia) first. Here’s what it’s like to fly from Beijing to Pyongyang, the capital of North … Continue reading Flying to North Korea
Cat Cafes of Beijing - This is the second time I’ve visited China in the past year. Last autumn I enjoyed snuggling the affectionate kitties at Chengdu’s Peekaboo Cat Cafe, so I decided to see what Beijing has to offer too.
Happy 70th Birthday, China - China has an ancient history but the country is technically quite young. After a brutal occupation by Japan up until the end of WWII and a civil war that forced the losing side out to Taiwan, Mao Zedong and his Communist Party formed The People’s Republic of China on October 1, 1949. Seventy years later, … Continue reading Happy 70th Birthday, China
The Real Harlem - Day 11 – Haarlem – 60 km We catch a free ferry to Amsterdam. I like how everyone rides their bikes off the boat instead of walking.
The Real Brooklyn - Day 9 – Utrecht to Hilversum – 36 km After visiting the vibrant collage town of Utrecht, we join a cycling path along the Dutch Water Line. Now a peaceful greenway, this series of sluices, dikes, and forts was constructed beginning in the 1620s as a military defense against the Spanish, French, and English. It … Continue reading The Real Brooklyn
The Home of Gouda Cheese - Day 6 – Rotterdam to Gouda – 49 km We say goodbye to Rotterdam, crossing over the Erasmusbrug bridge, the second largest in the Netherlands.
Rotterdam, The Strangest Dutch City - Day 4 – The Hague to Brielle – 54 km From The Hague, we cycle along the coastline to The Hook of Holland, a spit of land at the mouth of a major shipping channel.
Netherlands Cycling Adventure - Day 1 – Amsterdam – 42 km We pick up our comfy cruiser bikes from Mike’s Bike Rental in central Amsterdam and carefully strap on all our worldly possessions for the next two weeks. It’s time to explore Europe’s “low countries”.