Valhalla Climbing - After spending a fantastic week canoeing on Slocan Lake, I really wanted to explore the mountains higher up. Valhalla Provincial Park is an alpine paradise that few people ever visit. The interior of the park is hidden by big hills that block the view from the lake and road below. But, believe me, it’s worth … Continue reading Valhalla Climbing
Escaping to Slocan Lake - While we’re all stuck at home and unable to travel, I’m learning Spanish. This is my first post in that beautiful language. Wish me luck 🙂 Español enseguida… After three months in “quarantine”, back home in Canada, I really want to travel. At a minimum, I want to go somewhere new, to explore undiscovered hidden … Continue reading Escaping to Slocan Lake
Visiting Brunei as Coronavirus Fears Accelerate - Brunei is a tiny Muslim nation on the island of Borneo, mostly surrounded by Malaysia. That puts it about halfway between Singapore and Manila.
A Year In Review 2019 - 2019 was a great year, full of adventure. I met my goal of walking a long-distance hiking trail (two in fact), returned to one of my absolute favourite countries, and spent lots of time with family. I visited 11 countries, including 4 new ones. That brings me to a total of 54.
Scuba Diving in the Maldives - It’s been a few years since I’ve been scuba diving. So, I was excited to jump back into the water in one of the world’s most renowned diving destinations, the Maldives. We joined the live-aboard Aggressor II for a week-long trip through this country of atolls and tiny tropical islands.
Returning to Sri Lanka - I love visiting new countries but sometimes it’s nice to return to a place you’ve been before, especially when you have good friends there. Rob and Jolanda have been coming to Sri Lanka nearly every year since they first met (and even longer for Rob). It’s like a second home for them. Rob says it’s … Continue reading Returning to Sri Lanka
A Decade of Travel - It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed since I set out on a life of travel adventures. Looking back, there are so many great memories and wonderful experiences. It wasn’t easy but I’ve picked out one for each of the last 10 years to share.
2019 in 12 Photos - As I look back over photos from the past 12 months, my year looks a little inside-out. I spent the winter in nice warm New Zealand walking the 1200-km long Te Araroa. It was a great year for long-distance hiking. In the spring I returned to Canada to hike the Great Divide Trail – which … Continue reading 2019 in 12 Photos
We Are The Furballs: Singapore’s first dog cafe - Singapore doesn’t just have cat cafes. There’s now even a dog cafe! I was a little skeptical of the concept. Dogs like to run around and make messes and bark. But they can also be wonderfully social and they certainly love attention. We Are The Furballs pulls off the idea quite well.
Singapore’s Meomi Cat Cafe - Singapore is an exciting city where you’ll never tire of fun things to do. It even has three cat cafes! I visited one on my first trip to Singapore a few years ago, so I’m excited to check out another. Meomi Cat Cafe is a cozy space with seven adorable felines.