2021 in 12 Photos - 2021 was a year of staying at home in Canada, a place that many people dream of visiting. Even though I really wanted to travel, staying at home gave me the opportunity to foster kittens and to welcome a wonderful dog into our home. I reconnected with the mountains at the BMC climbing camp and … Continue reading 2021 in 12 Photos
BMC 2021 - Nearly every summer since 2014, I’ve attended a week-long mountaineering camp in BC. There are two similar camps, one fairly big and the other more intimate. The larger camp is organized by the Alpine Club of Canada and it’s really quite impressive the logistics that go into hosting 25+ climbers. Given the ongoing pandemic and … Continue reading BMC 2021
Edziza – A Volcanic Backpacking Trip - Part 1: Edziza Spectrum Range Traverse Part 2: Crossing the Edziza Plateau (this post) Three years after our first trip to Edziza, Jim, Calder, and I are back. This time we’ve got a bigger group. Marilyn (Jim’s partner) as well as Meg and Manrico (Marilyn’s friends) join us for what promises to be another exciting … Continue reading Edziza – A Volcanic Backpacking Trip
Abandoned Streets of Buenos Aires & Lugano Argentina - Las calles vacías de Buenos Aires y una visita a Lugano
Patagonia Total Solar Eclipse 2020 - Patagonia, Eclipse Solar Total de 2020
Argentina Is Closed - Argentina está cerrada I don’t like to give up. For the last two years, I’ve been planning a trip to Argentina to see the December 14 Total Solar Eclipse. When COVID exploded in March, Argentina closed their borders and I realized that it was going to be very difficult, if not impossible, to see the … Continue reading Argentina Is Closed
2020 in 12 Photos - 2020 hasn’t been the best year for travelling, which has been my main theme and focus for the last ten years. Despite that, I did manage to visit five new countries at the beginning of the year before the coronavirus turned into a pandemic and I’ve also learned a new language – español. While I … Continue reading 2020 in 12 Photos
How a pandemic brought me back home - Cómo una pandemia me trajo de regreso a casa Sometimes life takes us in directions we’d never anticipated. Eight months ago I thought I’d be travelling through South America right now. My plan was to visit all the Spanish-speaking countries on the continent. But that was not to be. All of a sudden, a now … Continue reading How a pandemic brought me back home
Valhalla Climbing - After spending a fantastic week canoeing on Slocan Lake, I really wanted to explore the mountains higher up. Valhalla Provincial Park is an alpine paradise that few people ever visit. The interior of the park is hidden by big hills that block the view from the lake and road below. But, believe me, it’s worth … Continue reading Valhalla Climbing
Escaping to Slocan Lake - While we’re all stuck at home and unable to travel, I’m learning Spanish. This is my first post in that beautiful language. Wish me luck 🙂 Español enseguida… After three months in “quarantine”, back home in Canada, I really want to travel. At a minimum, I want to go somewhere new, to explore undiscovered hidden … Continue reading Escaping to Slocan Lake