Lima’s park that belongs to cats - In Peru’s capital city, there’s a neighbourhood called Miraflores. Miraflores attracts lots of tourists, being one of the most bohemian neighbourhood’s in the city. In Miraflores, there’s a park called Parque Kennedy. That park attracts a lot of cats. In fact, it seems that it belongs to the cats. Español: El parque limeño que pertenece … Continue reading Lima’s park that belongs to cats
Up & Down Peruvian Volcanoes - At the start of our trip through South America I wasn’t really planning on doing any mountain climbing. But after a few weeks up on the high Bolivian plateau, an idea came to me. When am I ever going to be this well acclimatized? It didn’t take any real work adjusting to the altitude. Just … Continue reading Up & Down Peruvian Volcanoes
The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu - I’ve always wanted to visit Machu Picchu. The ruins of the Inca empire captured my imagination. How did the Incas live? What did the city mean to them during the centuries before they abandoned it? And why did they abandon it?
I try Bolivian food for the first time - I love exploring the world of food when I travel, the more unusual the better. Bolivia is a rarely visited country and I bet you couldn’t name a single typical dish. When was the last time you found yourself in a Bolivian restaurant? Well, then, let’s go on an adventure and see what this remote … Continue reading I try Bolivian food for the first time
A dog steals the show at Bolivia’s Carnaval - Every year Latin Americans look forward to Carnaval, the biggest cultural event in South America. The most famous parades take place in Río de Janeiro but there are fiestas throughout the whole continent. Right in the middle of it all lies a little-known Bolivian town that hosts one of the most vibrant celebrations you could … Continue reading A dog steals the show at Bolivia’s Carnaval
Uyuni: the largest salt flat on earth - After four days in Potosí, we headed to the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat on earth hidden in the altiplano Bolivia. What a place! We were lucky to visit during wet season when the salt flat fills with water and becomes the largest mirror on earth. During those few months, you can’t tell … Continue reading Uyuni: the largest salt flat on earth
Potosí – Bolivia’s Silver City - Bolivia is a high and mountainous country, especially its altiplano, a place where it’s cold year-round, it’s hard to breathe, and the sun burns any exposed skin. It’s surprising, then, that the Spanish Conquistadors gave this inhospitable place much attention at all. But they sure did. Why? Silver. Lots and lots of silver.
South America’s oldest estate still exists - I enjoy discovering hidden places full of history. That’s exactly what I found when I visited Bolivia’s oldest still-active hacienda, Cayara. A hacienda is essentially a grand Spanish estate or ranch.
Bolivia’s Jungle National Park: Amboró - In the center of Bolivia, there’s a very special place. Three important ecosystems meet here. The Amazon jungle, the Andes mountains, and a huge desert-like area called Chaco all intersect at this specific point: Amboró National Park. The mixing of these three ecosystems makes it one of those most biodiverse places on the planet. There … Continue reading Bolivia’s Jungle National Park: Amboró
Slums of Asunción, Paraguay - Paraguay isn’t a very popular destination among western tourists. Actually, it’s even not very popular for Latin American tourists either. So, why was I so excited to explore such a rarely visited place? Exactly for that reason, to discover what’s hidden behind the doors of Latin America’s most isolated country.