Last October a huge storm swept through Death Valley National Park. The driest desert in North America suddenly became one of the wettest places, receiving nearly its average annual rainfall in just a few hours. A flash flood erupted out of the mountains, ripping up roads and nearly destroying a heritage castle built back in the days when mining was the only reason most people visited this area. A few months later all that water has had a much more pleasant impact on the landscape: flowers. Lots and lots of them, more flowers than this arid valley has seen in the last decade. That’s why I finally decided to visit.

Looking down into Death Valley from Wildrose Peak
Looking down into Death Valley from Wildrose Peak



Learning about desert wildlife in a Park Ranger presentation
Learning about desert wildlife in a Park Ranger presentation







Sunset at Ubehebe Crater
Sunset at Ubehebe Crater

6 thoughts on “Death Valley Superbloom

  1. 12 April,

    Hi Justin, Thank you for the photos on your blog. Amazing. The Wonders are not gone yetin Nature. There are many surprises to see in this world. You just have to look around for them. It is nice to know that there are some nice places to visit in America. But still give me Canada!!! Till next time Justin. cheers from Michael

    1. Thanks Michael. There certainly are still some beautiful places to visit. The desert was once considered a wasteland that no one would want to see. It’s nice that some of these places are now protected. They’re certainly beautiful in their own way.

    1. Thanks Miriam. It’s ironic that people once shunned the desert. it’s easy to see the beauty in lush green forests and cascading waterfalls and warm sunny beaches. It takes a little more effort to get to know the desert but this year it just jumps right out at you. There’s no doubting it’s a beautiful place right now.

  2. Woweee I just missed it in my March return. Was there in Dec 2015 and could not get to the castle even by bicycle. Definitely off limits.

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