Idaho is famous for its long flat fields of potatoes stretching endlessly into the horizon… but that’s not all this state has to offer.

Baker Peak
Baker Peak

On our road trip from Washington to Montana, Sil and I stopped at Ketchum for a few days and took in some of the wonderful hiking this mountainous area has to offer. Our favourite was a hike up to Pioneer Cabin, an old ski hut built in the 1930’s to encourage skiing before chairlifts were a common sight. After a few hours of walking you crest a rise and are greeted with the insightful motto painted large across the cabin’s roof, “The Higher You Get, The Higher You Get.”

Pioneer Cabin
Pioneer Cabin
The higher you get, the higher you get
The higher you get, the higher you get

Most people visit the cabin as a day trip but you can stay overnight and it’s free. You will have to share, though, the resident mice are sure to welcome you. We decided to camp, spending one night just outside the cabin and another on a ridge further toward the Pioneer Mountains, after which the cabin is named. There’s a lot of exploring to do in this area and spending more than just a day let us get a nice taste of this peaceful area.



On our way back through Ketchum, we stumbled on one of the highlights of the year, the “Trailing of the Sheep Festival”. I’ve never seen 1,500 sheep parading down the main street of a little town before!

Ketchum Sheep Festival
Ketchum Sheep Festival

5 thoughts on “Idaho: more than just potatoes

    1. The sheep were the best part. It was hilarious watching them all run through the streets. The must have been wondering why on earth hundreds of humans were clapping and cheering and taking countless photos. Everyone gets their day of fame 🙂

      1. Absolutely! Even sheep. We have our own lamb now too, my 18yo daughter brought home an orphaned one and we’ve hand raised her, she’s adorable.

  1. 1 Nov.

    Have just looked at the beautiful clear photos. What wonderful views there to explore the area.


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