One of the things I love best about long walks (and travel in general) is the rich history waiting to be discovered. Like the ruins of this Augustinian Priory, built in the 13th century. (In)famous Robert the Bruce loved this place so much he endowed it in 1317.

Fillan’s Priory

Next to the priory is an ancient graveyard. It might be a little hard to tell but this headstone is likely from the 7th century! That’s some history.

7th Century headstone in the Kirkton graveyard

Speaking of Robert the Bruce, here’s where he was defeated in battle in 1306. Looks like just an empty field now, but imagine the stories it could tell.

Battle of Dalrigh in 1306, where Robert the Bruce fled into hiding.

Sometimes (when there’s no interpretive plaque, for example) the story isn’t quite so obvious.

Another Stonehenge or just discarded bridge abutments from the 1960s?

Other ruins are definitely of a more modern era.

You might want to take shelter in this farm building on a typical stormy Scottish day but it might not be a good idea.

Not everything in Scotland is falling apart, of course. Take this train station in Crianlarich for example. It’s the best place in town to tuck into a crisp serving of fish & chips. Yet another thing I love about travel 🙂

Crianlarich station & cafe

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