Kazakhstan is our last stop in Central Asia before heading back to China for our flights home. It’s a huge country but we just have time to see Almaty, the capital city.

Kazakhstan claims to be the birthplace of apples and they show their pride in some interesting ways

As we set off to explore this very modern metropolis, the forecast calls for a bit of snow. Little do we know how much of a storm it will turn into.

Should we just grab a ride in this car instead of walking?
Nah, you see so much more when you explore a city by foot

But also how beautiful the fresh snow will be. After traveling through an arid landscape for nearly two months, suddenly it feels like Christmas.

Yes, it’s an upside down house

Almaty turns into a winter wonderland
Charles considers sliding down the hill. Faster than walking!
Marion captures the moment
Checking out all the fun things to do in Almaty
Everyone loves the fresh snow
Taking a moment to reflect and remember

It’s fitting that our last stop in Central Asia gets hit with a big snowstorm as soon as we arrive. We’ve had very good luck with the weather so far. We made it through the Pamir Highway without any trouble but we heard from an Aussie motorcyclist that there is now a foot of snow on the road and temperatures down to -20C! We squeaked by just in time.

One of Almaty’s many ornate subway stations
Can’t wait to get off the bus!

One thought on “Caught in a snowstorm in Almaty, Kazakhstan

  1. 25 Oct. Hi Justin, These are very nice photos from Kazakhstan in early winter. Every day is a new day for you I see. When will you be back in Canada?

    Michael T.

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