We’ve just completed the second leg of our walk through New Zealand. After a rest day in Havelock, we continued south to the Pelorus River Track.

The first 20km or so followed gravel roads and crossed a through farm fields, so it wasn’t the most exhilarating walking. Over the next three months we’ll walk some of New Zealand’s most spectacular tracks. The sections of road walking joining them together are the cost of making a continuous footpath across the country.

When we arrived at Pelorus River, I couldn’t have been happier. It’s a beautiful deep green and warm enough to swim. After a long day of hot walking, there’s nothing as refreshing as a dip in the clean cool river.

We’re getting up into the mountains too! Often in New Zealand, we’ve found, the forest is so dense, you don’t really have a sense of the larger landscape around you. It’s thick and embracing like a jungle. Now we’re getting high enough that the trees are becoming smaller and we can get a glimpse of the mountains we’ll enter in a few short days.

But first, it’s time for another cultural diversion from the trail. Since we’re in the northern part of the South Island, it’s a great opportunity to visit the town of Nelson. I can’t wait to soak up the coastal scenery (and abundant food) before heading into remote mountainous New Zealand.

Next Post: Richmond Alpine Track

3 thoughts on “Pelorus River

  1. Hello Justin, Nelson in the Northern part of N.Z. Yes, I have been there once before years ago. Very pretty place. That walk you did quite quick from the South. Are you taking the ferry to Wellington? Good photos you have made.


    1. Thanks Michael. Yes, Nelson is quite beautiful. After spending a day in Nelson, we will return to the trail and continue walking south. We will begin with the Richmond Alpine Track then continue through Arthur’s Pass, Wanaka, and Queenstown.

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