The walk from Lake Hawea to Wanaka is along a pleasant cycle track. We saw many people out for fun rides and jogging and lots of happy dogs.

When we arrived in New Zealand, everyone said we would love Wanaka. They were right. This lovely little town is set on the shores of a beautiful lake and surrounded by impressive mountains.

Its streets are filled with cafes and great restaurants and it’s a destination in winter as well with one of New Zealand’s better ski resorts.

A big crispy salad – that’s what I crave when I get off the trail

We’re really lucky that Alison and Brian, who we met on the trail a month ago, invited us to stay at their son’s house. It feels like a ski chalet, just perfect for Wanaka.

They took us for a drive up to a pass overlooking Queenstown. It will take us five days to walk there so it feels surreal to get a sneak peek. And what a luxury to get such a beautiful view without all the work of hiking there.

Brian and Alison took us to the historic Cardrona Hotel for dinner. This was once the haunt of gold miners hoping to strike it rich. We’re getting into some interesting historical areas now and we’ll even pass through an old gold mining ghost town on our way to Queenstown.

Next Post: Wanaka to Queenstown

5 thoughts on “Wanaka, New Zealand’s most picturesque town?

  1. What a beautiful town. You’re getting spoiled with good food, great accommodations and personal tour guides. I thought you were going to be roughing it!

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