Arriving in Te Anau two days earlier than planned, we jumped on the opportunity to see something completely different – the famous Milford Sound.

This narrow finger of sea remained undiscovered until a Welsh fisherman took shelter here from an angry storm. Viewed from the sea, its inlet is all but hidden and if it hadn’t been his only option, who knows how many years more this special place would have remained hidden.

Milford exists as a world of abrupt contrasts. Vertical cliffs carved sharply by ancient glaciers crash into the calm blue surface of the sea.

Moss and tenuous trees cling precariously to the edges of these cliffs, rooting themselves in the tiniest of cracks. Roaring streams rush ever faster toward the edge then suddenly burst out into the abyss, cascading into veils of mist.

Meanwhile sea lions bask in the sun atop boulders, unaware or unconcerned that these giant rocks once resided high, high above.

What a special place. I’m really glad we got the chance to visit. This just reminds me how amazingly diverse New Zealand is.

Back in Te Anau, we met this very friendly cat. He likes playing with dried up leaves, chasing and killing them, but then flopping over for some cuddles and belly rubs.

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6 thoughts on “Magnificent Milford Sound

    1. I definitely recommend it! It’s full of beautiful landscapes and it’s always changing. It’s kind of like Europe is for culture, only for scenery – travel for a day and everything changes. And, despite the recent unfortunate shooting in Christchurch, the people are very friendly and it’s a safe country.

  1. Hi Justin,, Thanks for the photos and in particular, I love that cat on the last photo, An adorable cat. As you know I am a cat lover (I do love dogs as well though). Please tell me if that message of “Window Users Urged to Download this now” of Scanguards is safe to download? Is it safe? please tell me. Did this message come out of the blue or not. I would like to know that. Is it reliable? I cannot prove it. There is so much out there that you don’t even know if it is trustworthy. I am serious. I don’t want my computer to be infected by something. Do reply. Michael

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