I’ve just begun my second long-distance hike of the year. I really enjoyed New Zealand’s Te Araroa and now I’m excited to challenge myself on a long trail back home in Canada.

The Great Divide Trail runs 1000+ km from the Alberta/Montana border to Mount Robson (the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies). The length of the GDT is just a ballpark estimate as it’s really a choose-your-own-adventure type of journey where you can walk any combination of existing trails, often linked together by sections where there is no trail at all. Some people continue past Robson all the way to seldom-visited Kakwa Provincial Park.

Driving back from Craters of the Moon, Waterton Lakes National Park was just a quick detour and a great opportunity for a sneak preview before committing myself to hiking the whole trail. It’s really too early in the year to begin the GDT but it seemed like a great opportunity to do a day-hike to the border monument that marks the 49th parallel, dividing Canada and the US.

I’m heading to Calgary to put together my food for the trip and pick up a camera replacing the one I foolishly lost in New Zealand (sorry for the blurry photos here). I’ll be back in Waterton soon and hoping for slightly warmer and drier weather. Either way, it’s sure to be an adventure.

Next Post: Too Early? (West Castle Road to Coleman)

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