China has an ancient history but the country is technically quite young. After a brutal occupation by Japan up until the end of WWII and a civil war that forced the losing side out to Taiwan, Mao Zedong and his Communist Party formed The People’s Republic of China on October 1, 1949. Seventy years later, I just happen to be in Beijing. What better place to join in the celebrations.

It seems like everyone is in Tiananmen Square. This massive space has seen its fair share of trouble but today it’s full of celebration and happy people.The kids especially seem to enjoy it.There are even synchronized dancers putting on a show for everyone who walks by.I’m not the only one taking photos. It’s a selfie paradise.Happy Birthday, China! 生日快乐 !I wish you peace and prosperity. Tomorrow is a brand new day.

4 thoughts on “Happy 70th Birthday, China

  1. I was there in 1984 for their 35 year anniversary. We were in Tianenmen Square for a firecracker display that left us drenched in spent gun powder!! Do they still have Mao’s frozen body on display during the day??

    1. Wow! 1984 must have been a fascinating time to visit China. Even in the relatively short time between my two visits to Beijing (7 years) it has changed a lot. I can only imagine how different it must have been in the ’80s. Yep, Mao was still on display!

  2. 11 Oct.

    Hi Justin, I thought you were still in Holland cycling around the country. Are you now in China? Are the photos you sent me recent? I guess so. I did not know you flew there directly. I personally could not go to China because of the regimes brutal treatment of its fellow citizens and being spied upon by millions of cameras and so-called guides to tell you where you and go and where not to go. Its treatment of Christians is despicable but then of the flip side of the country it has indeed a very interesting history. The country is run by a dictator of the worst sort. Anyway I can go on and on but Thanks for the photos which I appreciate receiving and just keep sending them to me. Much appreciated. Take care which I know you will.

    With the best regards from your friend, Michael

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