I’ve just spent the last week climbing in Red Rock Canyon with climbing partner Jonathan and some new friends.

Desert views
The colours of Red Rock Canyon



While everything here in Canada is still frozen, the weather in Nevada’s Red Rock Canyon is ideal at this time of year.


It feels great to get a taste of summer and to climb outdoors again.

Crimp or dyno?

Desert-like Red Rock is famous for its sandstone formations which make for some great climbing. It rarely rains here but when it does the sandstone turns soft and brittle. On our second day we woke up to a big rainstorm that drenched the entire area. So the following day we set off to find a limestone cliff recommended by some local climbers.

Is that the crag over there?!?
Searching for the crag

After five hours walking in the desert and scrambling up a narrow slot canyon in search of the climbing area we decided to make it a hiking day. Climbing could wait for another day. Turns out that when we turned back we were no more than a few minutes away from finding the crag.

Desert life

It turned out to be a great day anyway and a good opportunity to explore the desert.

and bullet holes
Where did we park the car again?

And being only a short drive from Las Vegas, we got to enjoy some of Sin City’s famed nightlife.

The Strip
The Strip
Fremont Street
Fremont Street


3 thoughts on “Climbing in Red Rock Canyon

  1. Great scenery, Justin. I always think – when seeing those “red rock” photographs, particularly of the wonderful sand-scoured rocks, that I must go there. Perhaps one of these trips, I should land in the East, rent a motorcycle, and go to the West Coast the slo-o-o-o-o-w way!

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