It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed since I set out on a life of travel adventures. Looking back, there are so many great memories and wonderful experiences. It wasn’t easy but I’ve picked out one for each of the last 10 years to share.

2010 – I enjoy six months of living la dolce vita in Italy
2011 – Learning to climb opens up some great adventures
2012 – North Korea, a country of mystery
2013 – A year of great adventures with good friends
2014 – Bhutan, the kingdom of happiness
2015 – Surviving the Nepal earthquake
2016 – My first big cycle tour – 1500 km through rugged Tasmania
2017 – I return to Nepal to walk the spectacular Annapurna Circuit
2018 – Cycling 2800 km in a big loop around Western Australia
2019 – My first long-distance hike – New Zealand’s Te Araroa

I’m hoping the next 10 years are equally rewarding and take me to places I can only imagine.

4 thoughts on “A Decade of Travel

  1. 1 Jan. Hello Justin, Thank you for your decades of photos of countries you travelled around the globe. Always a good memory to see those photos. I hope you can enjoy more over time. as you plan them. I envy you of seeing so much. I can say a lot more but will keep it short. Hope we can see each other again soon before you take off again.

    Happy New Year to you, from Michael

  2. excellent stuff as always J. And thank you (in advance) for the calendar! Just need to arrange a time with Sil to collect. It brings joy to many people in our office!

  3. And, here’s wishing you another decade of adventures. Really have enjoyed your blogging and super pics.

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