Cycling Tasmania – Day 32
Gladstone toward St Helens

40km, 625m elevation

It’s my last day of cycling in Tasmania! What a great trip it’s been and a wonderful way to see such a unique place. I began a month ago in the town of St Helens and that’s where I planned to finish today. I left Gladstone with a plan to cycle the quiet gravel roads that meander through the forest all the way to St Helens. I got off to a good start and made surprisingly good time, even though unsealed roads are always slower. I should have known trouble was ahead when I came around a corner and saw this warning sign.

This is part of a month-long cycle tour around Tasmania. If you missed the start of this journey, here’s how it all got started.

A clear warning sign
A clear warning sign

Actually, I made it through the logging area without any troubles at all. Then things went sideways. A fast downhill followed and the road got quite rocky. Suddenly, I heard POP POP! Both tires went flat! Well, that was that. I’m just glad I wasn’t going too fast and held onto control of the bike. Fortunately, Sil was in the car just a short distance ahead and came back to rescue me. I thought about replacing the inner tubes but I was already so close to St Helens that it seemed like this was a sign to call it a day. Funny enough, I’d just passed the 1,500-km mark – a very nice round number to finish the trip.

We packed up the bike and drove to Binalong Bay, a very tropical looking beach just outside St Helens that I figured would make a great finish.

Binalong Bay
Binalong Bay

And here’s the Myrtle Forest Walk, a wonderful stroll through the temperate rain forest. If you stick to the sealed road from Glastone, you’ll pass right by this pleasant walk.

Myrtle Forest Walk
Myrtle Forest Walk

There are so many unique places in Tasmania just filled with history and character. I’ve felt privileged to see so many of them and I feel that travelling by bike has been the perfect pace. But before heading back to Melbourne, there’s one more quirky and unique place we’ve going to experience. Tonight we’re sleeping in a bank. That’s right, an old bank. We found a couple in the tiny old mining town of Ringarooma who have just bought the old bank that shut down a few decades ago and they’re working on converting it into an apartment. What a great idea!

The old bank
The old bank… plain on the outside but just look inside…
Now that's a dinner table
Now that’s a dinner table
Map of Day 1-32 cycling in Tasmania. Alternating days are coloured blue and red. Today is yellow.
Map of Day 1-32 cycling in Tasmania. Alternating days are coloured blue and red. Today is yellow.

If you’re planning your own cycling trip in Tasmania, you can see today’s track and download the gpx from strava.

5 thoughts on “A big bang to finish a big cycle tour

  1. What an awesome way to finish your cycling tour in Tasmania – in a bank. It sounds like you’ve had a ball. I’ve certainly enjoyed following you. Thanks Justin for the great posts.

    1. Thanks Miriam. It’s been a great experience. Thanks also for all your comments. I feel a little like I’ve had you along for the journey!

      1. It’s been my pleasure. I feel the same way, like I’ve come along for the ride with you. Keep enjoying, where ever you’re going next.

  2. A Bank – Boo. A Credit Union would be better! (ha, ha). The huge table looks like it came from the Board Room. Congratulations Justin on your accomplishment.
    I enjoyed your blogs – thanks for sharing. What’s next?
    Love S.

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