Last year I set a goal of visiting 40 countries by my 40th birthday. Less than 12 months later I find myself in Brazil, celebrating reaching that goal (and early too). I’d thought my 40th country might be somewhere exotic but I couldn’t have chosen a more festive atmosphere than the home of Carnival, especially during the 2016 Rio Olympics. I’m also happy that I got to share the trip with my brother, who loves the Olympics. 

Here are a few simple photos to celebrate a fantastic trip. 

Rushing through Rio
View from the Sugar Loaf
Lights of Olympic Park
Canada vs Canada – we’re guaranteed to win!
True Artistry – Equestrian Dressage
An infamous favela
Acarajé – an Afro-Brazilian croquette made with black-eyed peas and ocra, fried in palm oil, and filled with spicy shrimp
Delicious sweets made from coconut and tapioca
The massive Olympic Stadium
Bolt prepares himself for the 100m final race
Give it everything you have
Maracanã, site of the opening and closing ceremonies
An exciting start to the volleyball finals
Meat on a stick, a very popular snack
Christ the Redeemer
Security is very tight for the Olympics
Rio the magnificent
The city comes to life at night
Goodnight, Copacabana

6 thoughts on “40 Countries

  1. Congratulations Justin! I am very happy to have shared time with you in some of those countries. I am even more excited for the coming years.

    1. Thanks Charles! I’ve also been very happy to share those trips with you, even (especially) when they turn out completely differently from anything we imagined.

  2. Hi Justin and Michael

    Well done. I liked the photos very much. I guess you are on the waay home now back to Calgary.
    Safe travels and blessings, your friend Michael

  3. Wow, what a wonderful birthday present to yourself! So nice you could share your olympic experience with Michael too. Your pictures are great . . . and how exciting that you were able to see so many events. Happy belated 40th to you 🙂

    1. Thanks auntie Lin! It was a great place to celebrate. I reached my goal early too – I’m not quite 40 just yet 🙂 I wonder where I’ll find myself when that birthday comes around.

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