I’ve just arrived in Malmö, Sweden’s third largest and most multicultural city. It was once controlled by Denmark and is actually a shorter train ride from the Copenhagen airport than is Copenhagen itself.

Malmö City Hall
Modern architecture mixes with the historic

Nordic countries are known for being expensive, both to live in and visit. I usually stay in a hostel when traveling on my own but I decided to try something different this time. For $64 per night, I have a comfortable room all to myself in a pretty swanky hotel (it’s pretty fancy for me, anyway).

My home for three nights
Empty space between buildings turned into a lounge area

Best part – it includes buffet breakfast and dinner too! Surprisingly, the food is pretty good. There are tons of salad options and some delicious breads, so I don’t mind that the “main” dish is just overcooked fish sticks.

A relaxing dining area
Endless salad & veggies
Lots of tasty bread

The Swedes also have a tradition that they call Fika. It’s something between an extended coffee break and afternoon tea. It also features cinnamon rolls. Apparently, Sweden is famous for cinnamon rolls, along with many other delectable pastries. It’s also the second largest consumer of coffee in the world at four cups per day. I missed Fika today as I joined a walking tour of the town but the hotel includes that too and I can’t wait to try it tomorrow!

Old town

I might not be living on dollars a day like I could in Cambodia or India but if you’re creative, there are always ways to explore a new place affordably.

The Griffin, Malmö’s officially symbol

2 thoughts on “Who says Scandinavian has to be expensive?

  1. The Gryphon was mascot when I was at the University of Guelph! Cool!
    Also bring home cinnamon buns 😍

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