It was a beautiful morning walking down through wavy golden grass to the sparkling turquoise Lake Tekapo.

Once we reached the road, it was time for something different. The next section has nearly 100km of road walking, so we decided to rent bikes. Annie from BeSpoke Bike Tours met us right at the road with our bikes and helmets ready to go.

After a month and a half of hiking in New Zealand with barely a drop of rain, our luck finally ran out. As soon as we jumped on the bikes, it started pouring rain and I was soaked by the time we got to the town of Tekapo.

Once the rain subsided, the moody skies made for beautiful views over the lake.

The next day, the sun returned, letting us enjoy some interesting sights along the way. Here’s a dam which is both used to generate power and to divert water to salmon farms, a big business in New Zealand.

I’m very glad we cycled this section. You’d have to be crazy to walk 100km on paved and gravel roads.

On a bike, though, the scenery went by quickly and enjoyably.

I particularly like all the strange things you discover when you cycle through a new place.

Not the largest truck on earth, but still pretty big.

The wind really picked up as we got to the shores of Lake Ohau. The headwind bit sharply and made us work hard.

In the end, it was well worth the effort. We arrived at Lake Ohau Lodge in time for their famous dinner and we’re now enjoying a wonderfully relaxing day off.

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5 thoughts on “Cycling from Lake Tekapo to Lake Ohau

  1. 24 Feb. Great photos. I believe you are still on South Island where you cycled and walked. That lodge is a nice place to wind down and take in a bit of luxury feasting on camembare and brie cheese with crackers. and get a good nights’ sleep.

    Michael T.

    1. Thanks Michael. Yes, the lodge was a nice place to relax and enjoy some good food. It’s nice to take a break after walking many days and cycling.

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