2020 in 12 Photos

2020 hasn’t been the best year for travelling, which has been my main theme and focus for the last ten years. Despite that, I did manage to visit five new countries at the beginning of the year before the coronavirus turned into a pandemic and I’ve also learned a new language – español. While I couldn’t travel during most of the year, staying put in Canada gave me the opportunity to explore my own backyard and to spend time with my loved ones.

El 2020 no ha sido el mejor año para viajar, lo que a mí más me gusta hacer. Sin embargo, logré visitar cinco nuevos países y he aprendido a hablar un nuevo idioma – el hermoso español. No pude viajar durante gran parte del año pero eso me permitió conocer mejor mi propia tierra y pasar más tiempo valioso con mis queridos familiares.

– January – A tea ceremony welcomes us to Kinosaki Onsen, Japan
– Enero – ¡Bienvenidos a Kinosaki Onsen, Japón! Una ceremonia de té nos da la bienvenida más cálida

– February – A novel coronavirus spreads across the whole world, as we make our way through the Philippines
– Febrero – El nuevo coronavirus se propaga por todo el mundo mientras estamos en Filipinas
– March – My quest to learn Spanish, beginning in Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic, is unexpectedly cut short
– Marzo – Mi aprendizaje del español, que empieza en Santo Domingo, capital de República Dominicana, dura poco
– April – Back in Canada, I reconnect with loved ones. This is Odie, out for a hike
– Abril – Vuelvo a Canadá para reconectar con mis queridos familiares. Acá está Odie disfrutando de una caminata
– May – Spring brings new life and we head outside to explore our own backyards
– Mayo – Llega la primavera y todos salimos para explorar nuestra pequeña parte del mundo
– June – A week paddling on Slocan Lake reminds me just how beautiful my own country is
– Junio – Pasamos una semana en el Lago de Slocan, la cual me hace dar cuenta de qué tan hermoso es mi propio país
– July – I head up into the the mountains and climb some tempting peaks, while finding it hard to believe that summer has actually arrived
– Julio – Por fin vuelvo a escalar montañas y no me puedo creer que sea verano
– August – A year after first hiking to the majestic Mount Assiniboine I return, this time, to reach the summit
– Agosto – Un año después de visitar por primera vez la hermosa Montaña Assiniboine, vuelvo para conquistar la cima
– September – Charles and I discover Valhalla Provincial Park, a true
mountain paradise
– Septiembre – Carlos y yo descubrimos el Parque Valhalla, un verdadero paraíso montañoso
– October – After a summer of re-learning to mountain bike, I tackle the most scenic and most challenging route in the Rossland area – the Seven Summits Trail
– Octubre – Después de pasar el verano aprendiendo a montar bicicleta de nuevo, me pongo a completar la ruta más difícil en esta zona – el sendero de Las Siete Cimas
November – Winter arrives on Old Glory Mountain
– Noviembre – El invierno llega a la montaña Vieja Gloria
December – Despite all odds, I sneak into Argentina to experience an amazing total solar eclipse
– Diciembre – A pesar de todo, logro introducirme en Argentina para experimentar un asombroso eclipse solar total

There’s still a lot of uncertainty in the world and I’m not sure what I’ll do in the year to come. Whether I resume travel or I spend more time at home in Canada, I’m sure it will be a year with many opportunities and many new adventures.

Todavía hay mucha incertidumbre en el mundo y no sé lo que voy a hacer el año que viene. Pero ya sea viajar o pasar más tiempo en Canadá, estoy seguro de que será un año con muchas oportunidades y nuevas aventuras.

Happy New Year!
¡Buen año nuevo!
Felice anno nuovo!

7 thoughts on “2020 in 12 Photos

  1. I suspect we have another year of keeping close to home. And, by home I mean Canada. Lots to do. Edziza – Part 2, Kluane, Baffin Island (???), tour of Eastern Canada in the fall to visit Calder, etc.

  2. 30 dec. *Hi Justin, Thank you for sending to me these fascinating photos in you took this collage. The photos give me an insight of how you enjoyed the various sceneries in Brunei. Staying overnight at such a luxurious hotel sounds like **being entertained by royalty. I am sure you will find amongst the population also poor people.* * We should get together when you are in Calgary say for coffee at Ikea as an example.*

    * In the meantime I wish you a Happy New Year. I am sure you had a fine Christmas time with family’*

  3. Justin…I love reading end of the year recaps. Thanks for sharing! And so awesome, you were able to do the eclipse in Argentina. Well done! Hopefully a good omen for 2021. HNY!

    1. Thanks Ric! I share your love of reading year-end recaps. It’s such a good way to look back on the year. I’m pretty optimistic for the year to come, whether that means visiting more new countries or more adventures in Canada.

  4. Well, I for one find your relentless optimism sickening. 😉 Lol.

    Glad you’re well and still kicking, Justin. I wonder if your numbers for 2020 looked significantly different to previous years? Either way I hope they included some new ones.

    All the best for 2021. xx

    1. Thanks keZ! My 2020 in numbers turned out to be rather uninteresting compared to previous years but it did include at least a few new ones. Even in the middle of a pandemic, there’s still lots of opportunity if you look hard enough.

      All the best to you in 2021 too.

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